Enhancing Our Neighborhood

How will the Addison & Clark Development improve the Lakeview Community?

Improve Under-Utilized Land – Redeveloping the site through the construction of a quality, sustainable project with professional, on-site management will help anchor the community.
Economic Growth – An estimated 200 construction jobs, 400 permanent jobs and more than $7 million in annual city, state and federal taxes will be generated by the project.
Bring New Life to the Street – Sidewalk width will be increased from 8 feet to 12 feet along Clark Street and the full 13 foot width will be restored along Addison Street, encouraging increased pedestrian use and improving safety.
Commitment to Sustainability – The project will seek LEED* Gold certification and will leverage existing transit access.
Improve Bicycle Facilities – Significant bike parking will be included in the parking structure.
Enhance Pedestrian Safety – “Countdown” traffic signals will be installed and the traffic management staff will be engaged after the project’s completion.